Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Seamstress's Prayer

”...As the pieces come together, help me sew seams that are straight, so that nothing tears apart or unravels; and when it does, show me where and how to patch with just the right touch...” 
The Seamstress’s Prayer by Jay Hanley

I saw this on a lovely blog which I just discovered, Content in a Cottage. The poster, Rosemary, is one of those people who makes me sound like the sister in the movie, Notting Hill, who tells the famous actress played by Julia Roberts: "I feel -- and I have done for some time -- that you and I could be best friends." Here's to my new cyber-bestie, Rosemary, for sharing this, because I love this simple prayer. And we all know the words are so true for much more than sewing, don't we?