Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Benvenuto, Settembre!

Welcome, September!

The weather here on Cape Cod has turned, and there's a cool chill in the air early this morning as I let my male cat, Maddie, out through the breezeway door. I keep an eye out for coyotes, and tell Maddie to stay close, because, "there are baaad doggies outside...bad doggies!"

Last night, th
e family met for lobster rolls from St. Bonaventure's church for the last summer feast. Each Monday, the church serves up a dinner of a fine lobster roll, a package of Cape Cod chips, a slice of blueberry or lemon meringue pie and a drink...all for the bargain rate of $15.00 a person. The children's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are free, and Bella and Luccey are more than happy with the chips, cookie and chocolate milk that accompany it.

Most late Monday afternoons during this summer, Mom and Dad have headed over to Sue's house in Falmouth Heights, where Sue leaves the children with them while she runs over to the church on Main Street to gather up the armload of brown bags. Last night, I stopped at my house to take care of
the cats and change after work, then pulled into Sue's driveway just before her station wagon.

The last l
obster roll feast -- it was delicious, and something we'll think about all winter.

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