Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow, snow, this won't go!

Well, as you know now, despite the fact that we do have milder winters than the rest of Massachusetts, it does indeed snow on Cape Cod. Here's what I saw last Monday when I arrived for work at the little church in Orleans.

And this is how it looked around the darling little fish pond in the courtyard at the top of those stairs:

So pretty, isn't it? After I've taken shots of all four seasons, I want to post them. It's hard to say when this lovely little area is at its best -- it's a very peaceful place for parishioners to sit and have a few quiet moments (um, when the benches aren't enveloped in wet snow that is...).

But the thing about snow on Cape Cod, is that it usually melts very quickly. Is it our milder temperatures? The salt in the air? Maybe a weather expert would know better, but all I know is that we very seldom have the giant snowbanks I remember from my childhood north of Boston. When I worked at home, I'd often wait out the shoveling and choose to be housebound for a day or two, and even now, I'll drive over a few inches in the hope that the gravel driveway will be down to bare stone soon.

This week, though, it's been cold. And the snow, to some degree has stuck. And while I don't like driving in poor snowy conditions, and  I don't like shoveling ever, there's a certain thrill in spying that white stuff through the windows.  It's a week since our last big storm, and here you can see the yard in front on my house.

Snow, snow, please don't go?

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  1. So pretty! I love how you made the snowflakes in the photo! It's never looked like that when I visited the Cape!


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