Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warm up to the cheapest coffee anywhere!

Who else wants $625.00 in your pocket?

Someone told me recently that his wife spends $6.00 every day on coffee at Starbucks...and half the time, she doesn't even drink it. That's more than $2,000. a year, people! 

Now I l-o-v-e a Starbucks double skinny cap as much as the next legal addictive stimulant (coffee) user, but that's a blue moon treat for me. From time to time, however, I do indulge in a grande dark roast, to the tune of close to two dollars a pop. And I figured out that if I were to do that five days a week on the way to work, that would be (hold, on, I was a journalism major...) close to $625.00 a year! 

So, my darling fellow blogizens, that's why late last summer I rummaged through the picnic baskets and broke out my new best friends.

Bet you have one of these hidden in the back of the cupboard, don't you?

Here's how simple it is. Just make an extra cup of coffee in the morning. And while you're making that, pour a little hot water in your thermos to warm it up. Have your regular morning cup of Joe, then pour another cup or two in your thermos pal, add cream and sugar to your taste, screw on the top, and you're off. And, gee, aren't you pretty darn frugal and clever, too!

Now I know what you're about to say. You're just a touch -- a tiny tad! -- embarrassed. What is the coworker in the next cubicle or the mom pushing the swing next to you going to think? You shouldn't have to explain yourself, but I truly don't think there's any shame in saying, "I'm economizing." If someone makes fun of that, more shame on him or her, and, by the way, is this actually someone who should influence your behavior? And if you really, really still can't over it, just say, "I'm fussy, so I prefer my own coffee." After all, there's no need to explain that what you're fussy about is where you spend your money. Now, if this still bothers you, then calculate the money you spend on Caramel Macchiati (or your own caffeine poison of choice), and then imagine what you could be doing with that money.

Makes you think, huh?

Listen, I know; when I was a high-faluting sales executive for the phone company, I wouldn't think twice about stopping for a coffee. In fact, I was on the road, and very happy to pay for a warm drink along with the privilege of using the bathroom, then sitting down and resting at a nice table with Internet connections. Sure, sometimes grabbing a cup of coffee is more of a social or even a networking thing, for instance, when you're meeting friends or business associates at the local DD's or Starbucks. And I'm not going to pretend that I NEVER indulge, because I do. But it's a treat, not a mindless waste of a couple of dollars or more.

In short, for many of us, times have changed and times are hard. Now I'm a secretary struggling to make ends meet. My thermos sits on my desk.

And pretty darn cheaply.


  1. There is so NO SHAME in bringing a gorgeous thermos like you are featuring here.


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