Monday, July 19, 2010

You say tomato, I say tomater.....

See these lovely darlings?
Well, there's something 
they need, amici.

So, come with me. 
We're going to take  

Don't worry -- 

 C'mon! I'm going to show you 


  1. Thanks for stopping by at Keefer Style Creations and thanks for the kind words..Man I would love to live where you are!!! Anyway I tried to find your email and didn't see it listed anywhere...I would love to talk to you about something!! Me email is ....I am working right now but will follow you when I get home.I also have a family blog you might want to check out....I will send you the link tonight...Lisa

  2. WOW, one of my favorite books growing up. I had forgotten about it. I have to add it to my boys' collection. Thanks for the comment. And no, it's not weird...just maybe weird if you wore it to walmart or something?. haha. Thanks again!


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