Sunday, November 8, 2009

Around and around

I have not been a faithful blogger lately, but I'm resolved to start posting consistently again.
I do feel I have contributed in a small way to something that I think is very important, though. I was in Buffalo to visit my cousins a few weeks ago, and I helped my cousin Beth set up her blog. It's called Around Beth's World.

Beth has physical challenges, and while it might be true that those challenges have shaped her perspective in many ways, Beth's way of looking at this world we all live in is uniquely her own. The status updates and comments she posts on our family Facebook pages have given me a great deal of pause and inspiration over the past year. She has touched me so deeply a number of times, and I couldn't help but develop a profound conviction that there were others who needed to be reached in the same way. It's good to have someone to remind us that hail stones are magic and that autumn leaves are dancers.

Here's something I copied from a sign in Beth's craftroom:

Live each day 
as if it were 
the beginning 
of something wonderful.

Please add Beth's blog to your reading list -- and Beth, thank you for your generosity in sharing your world, and reminding us of its power and joy!


  1. Wow, Jude, I am speehless... I am so glad in some small way I was able to touch you. I don't know what else to say. Thanks. Love Beth

  2. I love Beth's blog, and your blog, too! I am always checking to see what's new... love it that you are going to be posting more. xo


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