Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tresori Tuesday (Tuesday treasures)

So, my sister, Susan hates me. She says I find the best bargains.

Hee. I do. We all love the St. Vincent de Paul resale shop, where both our parents have volunteered for some years,  where Mom gathers up wonderful finds for all of. And whenever someone comments on my Talbot's ensemble or a great jacket we found there, I tell them it came from "Santa Vincenzo de Paolo."

But I haunt St. Vinny's myself whenever possible, and, believe me, the bargains there are amazing (Talbots skirts -- with the tags still on!).  I also check in at the St. Joan of Arc Catholic church's shop near where I work and an occasional "rogue" resale shops. And if I see a estate sale on my way to work on Friday mornings, oh, what a lovely start to the weekend.

So, I'm inaugurating Tresori Tuesday. At first, I thought I'd post on Sundays, after yard sales on Saturday, and call it "Show Off Sunday," but, geez, Susan's already mad enough (and I also missed Sunday and want to post this...). So, I'll start with my favorite finds from the last few months.

Ecco i miei tesori! (Here are my treasures!)

I found this 18-inch tall ceramic St. Nicholas at the St. Vincent's Christmas sale on Saturday. When I reached the cashier, she told me she thought he had a matching figure in the linen room. I rushed back, and sure enough, there was. And it was Mrs. Claus!  Not many people know this, but I love Mrs. Claus; I want to be her someday! I have a special affinity to her, because Mrs. Claus is fun and loving, but she doesn't have children either, but she's still jolly and nice and motherly. I hope I have some of that in me, too...
So I was thrilled to find this loving couple!

(Okay, just to digress over the Mrs. Claus not having any little Clauses, that's my guess, because you never hear anyone talking about Santa Junior inheriting the business, or Susie Claus running off with one of the elves, right?)

Mr. Santa was $5.00, because his lantern lights up. See?

And here's Mrs. Claus. She was a bargain at only $4.00. Can you stand it?

Aren't they the sweetest couple? I love how she's a bit shorter, and how he's lighting the way to the mailbox.

And, just one more bargain. I know, this is really starting to sound show-offy, but please bear with me. Here's what I found in the St. Vincent's "boutique," the area behind the garage with the slightly pricier "junque" -- all well worth it, as you'll see.

Ready? Look!

These are little pewter club chairs.And that's not a fountain behind them, it's the candle on my coffee table. Aren't they fabulous? I found them on-line for $39.00 at Pottery Barn...but I got them at Santa Vincenzo's for a mere $10.00! Here's another shot with my specs and postage stamp container  in front so you can see how little they are.

 I'm thinking they need a little throw pillow or maybe a miniature afghan to cozy them up. I love these guys -- but I can't believe someone would actually pay $39.00 for them.

Okay, by this point, Sue's probably steaming, so I'll save my other treasures for another time.

And, yes, of course I'm kidding -- Sue's a dear, and she cheers me on in finding my bargains (heck, she and the children even benefit from some of them)! But, here she is, my beautiful Appelonia of a baby sister, with her husband Mike and my godchild, Luciano (Mirabella was asleep in the stroller):

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  1. Oh, I just LOVE those little chairs! So cute! I wish I lived on the Cape, I would HAUNT St. Vincent's thrift shop. I think my favorite buy there was the big fork and spoon that we have on the tiki bar. Love your blog!


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