Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Death to Goldfinger!

I'm the worst painter in the world.

You know that scene in Love, Actually, where Laura Linney is at a wedding debating whether someone is a the worst DJ in the world? And then the DJ plays yet another terrible song, and she says, "That's it. The worst DJ in the world."

That's me, only with painting. Friends, family and hardware store guys all tell me I can do it, then when they see what I've done, they say, "That's it. You're the worst painter in the world."

Okay, maybe that's my imagination, and they're just thinking it, but trust me, I'm the queen of drips and bare streaks. I step in paint buckets. I destroy clothing and leave paint marks everywhere. Not to mention that when I spray paint, I'm Miss Goldfinger. Or Greenfinger. Or (shudder here, remembering the Unfortunate Lawn Chair Incident) Miss Pinkfinger. For a week.

That's all behind me now. I have a new Painting Buddy.

Isn't he wonderful? He doesn't even seem to mind that I've already messed him up.

This little guy was less than $5.00 at Home Depot. He slips over the top of the spray paint can, and instead of spraying by pushing down on the spray nozzle from the top, you just squeeze the handle, which naturally provides better control and a smoother result.

Um, of course, you need to make sure you turn the opening so it's next to the nozzle hole. Otherwise, the paint will spray inside the attachment, and a drizzle of green will come out and get all over your hand. And your arms. And your knee. Both knees, to tell the truth.
 Look what he helped me do.

This is the best paint job I've ever done. Smooth, with no streaks!(Okay, now that I'm looking, this pic is from the first coat...but seriously, the second coat looked great. Really. I mean it.)

I may be one of the last people on earth to know about this neat gadget, but I told my cousin about it yesterday, and she'd never heard of it, so I thought I'd share. If you're doing any spray painting this summer, get one of these.

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  1. Hi Jude! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. One of my dreams is to drive up the New England Coast when the leaves are changing in fall. When do they begin to change there?
    I've wondered about the paint thingy and how well it works. Thanks for the review, I am definitely going to pick one up!
    Have a great week!

  2. Sharon, fall is the very best time to visit Cape Cod. The humidity and the crowds have lifted, but we have a long and lovely fall, so you'll be able to enjoy your stay. Northern New England is only two or three hours from here, so it's easy to take a tour through the gorgeous foliage display that starts in late September and October. Hope you make the trip someday!

  3. I've never seen a contraption like that either. Thanks for introducing me to it.

    Also, thank you so much for reading and commenting on my foam lacing cards tutorial! I really appreciate! Hope you are having a great day on the Cap!

  4. Wow, Jude. So glad to know such a great tool exists! As Buzz Lightyear would say...I need to get one of those.

  5. You will totally love that thing. It rocks the spray painting projects. No more paint finger....well worth the investment!

  6. I'm gonna hafta get a better one, mine doesn't seem to work. Nice job!

  7. I need one too! i'm not so much messy, as much as i get serious hand cramps from holding down the spray button!

    Tigerpup Embroidery

  8. Ohh.... I love new tools. Thanks for the tip=)

  9. Oooh, thanks for the tip! I've seen those but never knew if they were worth it, thanks for figuring it out for me! ;)

    Saw your button in the sidebar - good to find another Catholic mom, following your blog! :)

    -Ann Marie

  10. You are so right, Jude. This is a wonderful little gadget. I have one myself. Keeps all that overspray from ending up under the nail of my trigger finger. LOL

    So glad you linked this to Tips and Tricks Tuesday. It was a perfect little trick for all those spray painters in the blogosphere.

    Be sure to keep joining in. All three parties run for six days each week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  11. I've never heard of such a gadget, either. Of course, my spray painting has been limited to pinatas - so it's really easy to hide mistakes and uneven coats. If I ever try to paint anything that isn't a pinata, I'll give this a try!


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