Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm in love with Lindsey! And Stella & Dot, too (of course)!

I want to tell you about the wonderful start I've just had to my Wednesday.

It's a-raining  here on Olde Cape Cod, and the drama of lightening flashes and thunder rumbles woke me up a little earlier than my usual 5:30 alarm. I got right up, and came downstairs to  unplug my television and laptop. The Cape is well-known for electrical surges, and even with surge protectors, I can't afford to lose a major appliance!

I made my coffee, then sat down to read my e-mails, starting with a post from Living With Lindsey. The fabulous Lindsey is one of my faves. Her blog's tagline is " Creating a beautiful home -- one glue gun burn at a time." Really, need I say more? Lindsey is both self-deprecatingly funny and extraordinarily instructive. She's the Baroness of Burlap (check out her burlap covered lamp shade!) She started the whole silhouette craze.

And who brought her tutorial on the enchanting book wreath to Blogdom? Yes, Lindsey.

So, as a loyal admirer, you can certainly bet that I was right there when Lindsey announced a wonderful giveaway from jewelers Stella & Dot.

Okay, I was in love. Enthralled. Enchanted. 

What gorgeous, gorgeous feminine jewelry. And so my style -- playful yet classic. And so, so darn pretty. As Lindsey says, I want everything. So I was delighted with a chance to win a bit of Stella & Dot.

Well, imagine me here. Rain. Coffee. Laptop. Opened my Living With Lindsey post. 

Oh, yes, there's the bee-chanting Stella & Dot Boca Necklace. 

So pretty. Wonder who won that giveaway?  Kept reading. 

Lindsey's having ANOTHER Stella  Dot giveaway at her Girl's Night In party with S&D stylist Abby Light. Nice. Gee, wonder who won the other giveaway. Read on

Love, love, love that Sofia Pearl Necklace Bib and the earrings with it. Wonder who won the JEWELRY?

Let's see, here it is. The winner is....

Omg, omg, omg! Jude from Dolce Cape Cod!


As you can tell, I am utterly thrilled. Thank you Lindsey, and thank you Abby. 

You know what? This is the BEST rainy Wednesday morning EVER!!!

Lots of love and big, very appreciative wave from Cape Cod,

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  1. Hooray!! So glad we could brighten up your rainy day!!! :D


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